WATCH: Sana TWICE Shows The Contents Of Her Bag

WATCH: Sana TWICE Shows The Contents Of Her Bag

02 Jun 2022
Ilham Maulana

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On May 28, TWICE's Sana appeared as a guest star on one of the Vogue Korea youtube channel programs called "What's in Your Bag".

In the program, Sana will reveal what she carries in her favorite PRADA branded bag.

The items he brought were quite interesting, ranging from cameras, wallets, cellphones, to pens from an airline he was shown.

But what is no less interesting here is when Sana shows a photo of herself with the other members.

The first photo that Sana shared was when she and TWICE were promoting for the song "Dance the Night Away", she was posing with Jungyeon in the photo. This idol also showed a second photo of him and other TWICE members.

"This is a photo before our debut, even before we did a photo shoot for the official profile photo, long before our album cover photo shoot," said Sana for the third photo she showed.

"I keep it because it's precious", added Sana, who showed her affection for the group that she has been a part of for almost 7 years.

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