Watch Han So Hee and Hyunsik's intimacy in the MV Drama "Soundtrack #1"

Watch Han So Hee and Hyunsik's intimacy in the MV Drama "Soundtrack #1"

09 Jan 2022
Ilham Maulana

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Fandomnesia  – One of the Korean Drama series that is currently attracting a lot of attention is the drama “Soundtrack #1”.

Indeed, the drama that will be played by Han So Hee and Hyunsik has not announced its official broadcast schedule, but their intimacy in the love drama has been seen in the music video (MV) which will be the main OST.

Previously, one of the OSTs for the drama “Soundtrack #1” was released on Thursday (6/01/22) with the title “Love Beyond World”, the ballad song was sung by Super Junior’s Kyuhyun.

The next day on Friday (7/01/22), the second OST song sung by Park Bo Ram with the title “Want To Be Happy” was released.

In the MV of the two OSTs, we can see some intimate portraits of Han So Hee and Kyuhyun in the drama “Soundtrack #1”.

A glimpse of the drama, “Soundtrack #1” will tell the story of a man and a woman who have been friends for 20 years. When they experience life together they slowly realize their feelings for each other.

This melancholic drama that takes the theme of love in friendship may be very interesting to follow, moreover, the topics taken from the whole drama are quite relatable to many people.

Han So Hee herself previously became increasingly popular since playing in the drama “The World of Married”, especially after taking the Action drama with the title “My Name”.

Meanwhile, Hyunsik managed to win the hearts of Korean drama lovers, especially women in the thriller drama “Happiness” some time ago.

Check out Han So Hee and Hyunsik’s romance in the drama OST “Soundtrack #1” here:

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