One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler: Kaido's New Kick Luffy's Corner

One Piece Chapter 1037 Spoiler: Kaido's New Kick Luffy's Corner

08 Jan 2022
Ilham Maulana

Table of Content – The manga series One Piece chapter 1037 is finally out, some interesting surprises also happened in this chapter. Like Kaido’s new move that managed to corner Luffy, and Gorosei who realized a new legend had risen in Wanokuni.

Earlier in chapter 1036, we were shown many epic and important moments. In this chapter, we find out the background of King who regards Kaido as the long-awaited Joy Boy, and Zoro who managed to defeat him with a new technique.

Kiemon and Kuku were also rescued by Ussop and Izo, and now they are going to a safe place from enemy pursuit.

Lastly, Kaido and Luffy’s fight moment was interesting, they both seemed to really enjoy the fight this time. This is very visible when the two laugh after being knocked down due to an equal strength clash.

So what happened to chapter 1037 this time?. This chapter is entitled “Shuron Hakke” which opens with the situation of the fireworks festival in the city of flowers coming to an end.

Then we will be shown the Kaido technique which has just been shown in this chapter, the name of the technique is “Shuron Hakke”. This technique is a technique that Kaido does when he is drunk, therefore in the middle of the fight against Luffy, Kaido had time to drink sake first.

Interestingly when Kaido is drunk, the strongest creature on earth experiences unstable emotional changes, sometimes he looks sad and cries, and sometimes he becomes very angry.

Kaido accelerates a new attack called “Gundari: Ryuseigun”, not staying silent Luffy also fights the attack with “Gomu Gomu No: Roc Gatling” to Kaido.

The panel also changed to show Pangea’s palace in Marry Geoise, there it was seen the Gorosei were discussing to catch Nico Robin. Then we can also see the world government’s combat troops are just about to arrive at Wano Kuni.

Judging from this situation, it seems that the war in Onigashima will be more heated. An interesting moment also occurred when one of the World Government soldiers reported to the Gorosei that they saw a shadow.

Hearing this, the Gorosei thought that the shadow couldn’t be something bad they were imagining. They say that the shadow is just a legend, and has not been resurrected for thousands of years.

From here we are really curious about the shadow, the Gorosei again told me that they had faked a devil fruit name so that the real identity of the devil fruit could not be known, and what surprised the devil fruit was the Gomu Gomu No Mi.

Yep, the devil fruit currently owned by Baka Sencho Monkey D. Luffy. Does Luffy’s devil fruit still have a myriad of mysteries? Is there a more powerful power? Let’s just look forward to the next chapter of the One Piece manga series.

This chapter 1037 concludes with information that the shadow figure is a giant figure, and unfortunately we have to wait a little longer to find out.

Because, this chapter 1037 will only be released on January 18, 2022, while the scanned version is predicted to be published on January 11. As for the continuation of this chapter, which is chapter 1038 itself, it will be postponed by a week because Oda Sensei will have a day off.

The shadow figure mentioned by the Gorosei is really very interesting to know, even though the entire One Piece story actually still contains a myriad of mysteries, especially the true power of Luffy’s devil fruit.

That’s a spoiler from the One Piece manga series chapter 1037, for those of you who have interesting opinions about this chapter, you can share them in the comments column, thank you so much.

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