One Piece: All the Attacks Kaido Received in the Onigashima War, Still Strong?

One Piece: All the Attacks Kaido Received in the Onigashima War, Still Strong?

12 Jan 2022
Ilham Maulana

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Fandomnesia  – In the current One Piece series, the Onigashima war has become an important chapter for the start of a new era for the worst generation of pirates. Especially for Law, Eustass Kidd, the Wano Samurai, and of course Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates.

The key is only one, namely defeating Kaido and Big Mom. But if you talk about Kaido, who is said to be the strongest human on earth, it certainly won’t be easy to beat him.

Kaido has received many attacks in this war, the question is whether in the next series he can still survive? Fandomnesia will discuss it this time, let’s get into the discussion of all the attacks that Kaido has received so far.

All the attacks Kaido received during the Onigashima war

Various kinds of attacks have been given by the samurai alliance with the straw hat pirates, starting from the Akazaya samurai to Luffy who is currently still standing firm against Kaido, here’s the discussion.

The Akazaya Samurai Attack on Kaido

The most painful and most memorable first attack for One Piece fans is the absolute attack of the  Akazaya  samurai .

This attack can be seen in the manga series OP  chapter 987  and its Anime series in  episode 955  , where the Akazaya samurai simultaneously mobilize all their strength and emotions in one brutal attack.

This scene is certainly one of the most liked scenes by fans, especially if you look at the animation shown in the Anime series.

Furthermore, in  chapter 991  , Kin’emon managed to launch his “Flame Rended” attack and split the fire breath and Kaido’s mouth in the form of a dragon Zoan. Seeing Kaido’s reaction it seems he can feel the pain, but not enough to beat him.

The next attack is in the manga series  chapter 992  in the form of another combined attack from the Akazaya samurai. Nekomamushi attacks with “Crimson Cat Dance”, Kawamatsu lands “River of the Sea” in Kaido’s face, Inuarashi stabs him with “Canine Scourge”, Kiku lands “Fallen Snow Scythes” while Izo is unloading slicing bullets at Kaido.

Raizo reflects “Boro Breath” at Kaido with his scroll sealing ability which is followed by Kin’emon, Denjirou, Ashura Douji and Inuarashi landing 4 “Oden 2 sword style : Heaven’s Falls” in a row right on Kaido’s scar.

After that Kaido immediately reverts to his human form and the fight resumes in the next chapter, although we briefly see Denjirou stab Kaido from the side.

Attacks made by Luffy, Yamato, Zoro, and others on Kaido

In the One Piece manga series  chapter 1000,  Luffy dropped Kaido to the ground while flying using his Zoan mode. It didn’t stop there, continued in  chapter 1001  , the captain of the wild animal pirate was again shaken by Zoro’s and Killer’s attacks.

Killer launches a “Beheading Claws” attack at Kaido, and is accompanied by a “Rengoku Onigiri” attack by Zoro. Zoro’s and Killer’s attacks may not have any impact, but it’s very important to try.

Continue to combo attacks from the worst generation of pirate captains, namely Luffy with “Kong Gun”, Kidd with “Punk Vice’s”, plus Law who teleports their attacks straight to Kaido.

In  chapter 1010  , Zoro also gave Kaido a special gift with the ultimate move “Ashura: Farce of the dead” which made permanent sword marks on Kaido’s body.

The moment of the father-daughter fight between Kaido and Yamato also became an important chapter, Yamato repeatedly launched Kanabo attacks on Kaido until the final attack in Zoan wolf mode he also issued.

Until finally, there were many attacks that Luffy gave in the last chapter and maybe until the next chapter until Kaido lost, Luffy’s new power when he managed to combine all types of Haki also played an important role in making Kaido even more injured.

Is Kaido still strong enough to take attacks?

It’s true that maybe seeing all the efforts of the characters to beat Kaido it can be boring, especially since Kaido hasn’t lost yet.

But if you question whether Kaido is still strong enough to take an attack or not, the answer is probably almost no at this point. Especially when reviewing the One Piece manga series chapter 1037 , which shows Kaido has often fallen due to Luffy’s attacks.

Although in the end Kaido was made Oda Sensei issued a new stance, namely his drunken mode. But the effect of the mode is predictably not going to last long, and may be Kaido’s last attack on Luffy.

We’ll see if this theory really happens in the upcoming chapter of the One Piece manga series. Finally, if you have an interesting opinion about this discussion, you can put it in the comments column, thank you so much.

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