One Piece: Is this the new Devil Fruit the Gorosei is referring to?

One Piece: Is this the new Devil Fruit the Gorosei is referring to?

16 Jan 2022
Ilham Maulana

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The latest 1037 chapter of the One Piece manga series opens a surprising fact, where a new devil fruit seems to be appearing and this is what the Gorosei are afraid of.

It seems that Eiichiro Oda will start a new tense chapter with this devil fruit, so what exactly is this devil fruit? And why are the Gorosei so afraid of it?, we will discuss it here.

Interesting new Devil Fruit facts according to Gorosei

The One Piece manga series chapter 1037 which is the source of this discussion itself opens with Luffy’s battle with Kaido, where we are shown the extraordinary battle that they show.

In this chapter we are also shown the Gorosei who are closing something. Their first discussion referred to a plan to capture Nico Robin.

In addition, they also mentioned that the Reverie that was done earlier was a cursed Reverie. Because after that, a lot of extraordinary events or chaos that occurred.

Only then did they discuss about a very scary devil fruit. Even judging from the dialogue that took place, it seems that this devil fruit is stronger than the devil fruit that has been known so far.

Some interesting facts about the devil fruit are also revealed in this chapter. First, one of the Gorosei said that this devil fruit had not been resurrected for centuries.

Second, the devil fruit is a legend, even to the Gorosei. Which meant the Gorosei themselves had never seen it in person before, no wonder they were so panicked.

Finally, it turns out that the world’s own government is keeping this devil fruit a secret so that it is not targeted by people, especially pirates. So what is the Devil Fruit that the Gorosei actually talked about? Let’s go to the next sub-chapter.

Gomu Gomu No Mi is what Gorosei means?

Regarding the devil fruit referred to by Gorosei, it is not wrong for many fans to suspect that the devil fruit is Luffy’s Gomu Gomu No Mi.

Because there are so many clues that lead there, one of them is a Who’s Who story that says that he once guarded one of the terrible devil fruits.

But unfortunately he failed to keep the devil fruit, and there was a pirate who managed to seize it. The man is the red-haired pirate, Akagami No Shanks.

After that, you know the story. Yep, Luffy accidentally ate the devil fruit and made him a rubber man.

A little explanation, Who’s Who used to be a man for the world government. Because he failed to keep the Gomu Gomu No MI devil fruit, he was finally imprisoned.

From the behavior of the world government that imprisoned who’s who’s who is very visible that they are very afraid of the devil fruit.

The reason they hid the devil fruit is still a mystery, but with the fact that the fruit is closely guarded by Chiper Pol and Shank who seized it, it certainly indicates that Gomu Gomu No Mi is not an ordinary devil fruit.

We do not know for sure whether the Gomu Gomu No Mi devil fruit referred to by the Gorosei, but there is another interesting theory found by several blogs of one piece series fans who contain the opposite opinion.

Not Gomu Gomu No Mi that Gorosei means

One of the fan theories quoted from the one piece series-making blog says that it is not Gomu Gomu No Mi that the Gorosei mean, but the Devil Fruit Toki Toki Nomi belonging to Oden’s wife, Kozuki Toki.

As told in the One Piece series, Kozuki Toki is someone from the past 800 years ago. But he managed to go to the future with the main force of the Devil Fruit Toki Toki Nomi, which is to cross time.

This theory can be a reality because until now we do not know the details of the power of the Toki Toki Nomi devil fruit, especially the existence of Kozuki Toki is also still a debate.

Some assume that Toki has indeed been killed by Kaido’s troops, but some speculate that Momonosuke’s mother is still alive and running through time.

No one knows how Oda Sensei will make the ending of One Piece, but with little by little the mystery revealed, signaling the road to Laugh Tale will be approaching. We’re just looking forward to the real answer in the next chapter.

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