Boruto: Is this a sign of a Kawaki vs Shinki fight?

Boruto: Is this a sign of a Kawaki vs Shinki fight?

01 May 2022
Ilham Maulana

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The appearance of Shinki and his team from the sand village in the anime Boruto episode 224 was really unexpected, as quoted from it turns out that Gaara sent them to watch and also spy on the Konoha village at this time.

Besides that, what’s interesting here is the scene where Shinki is looking at Kawaki on the podium, his gaze hinting at the wariness of the former Otsutsuki Isshiki puppet.

Is this a sign that Shinki will meet Kawaki in the future?, Here’s the discussion.

1. What is the purpose of Shinki in Konoha?

Shinji meets Kawaki in Boruto episode 224

After the Isshiki incident was over, Naruto held a meeting with the other village leaders.

At that time, Gaara was the leader who looked very serious in responding to the current problem, he also seemed less sure of Naruto’s decision to his son who was now a puppet of Momoshiki.

That’s why he sent the Shinki team to Konoha to see the chunnin exams and spy on the situation there, maybe this is one of Gaara’s moves to make sure everything is okay.

Because before against Isshiki, Konoha always moved alone to fight, with Naruto and Sasuke now not as strong as before.

It would be safe enough to send Shinki to scout, so Gara could quickly get information about something happening to Konoha.

2. Kawaki vs Shinki will be an interesting battle

Kawaki saw the Chunnin exams in Boruto episode 224

After Shinki arrived at the village and greeted Sarada and Chocho there, he seemed interested in Kawaki who was watching on the audience podium.

Shinki’s gaze at Kawaki with full vigilance is what some fans consider a sign, that the two of them will be reunited in a battle in the future.

However, the conflict here is that the incident is not depicted in the manga at all, this is what makes the anime and manga series Boruto and Naruto quite difficult to predict the plot.

If it is true that Kawaki and Shinki will meet in a fight, of course the fight will be interesting.

3. Kawaki and Shinki’s meeting is similar to Gara and Sasuke before?

Sasuke vs Gaara Chunnin Exam Naruto

We see the nature of the characters in the Boruto series, maybe we can see a little resemblance to some of the characters in the Naruto series first.

Like young Kawaki and Sasuke who have similarities with their difficult past, to their cold nature which shows they don’t care about people other than their loved ones.

Of course, this also applies to Shinki, who is Gara’s adopted son, the similarity of Shinki’s difficult nature reminds us a little of the young Gara in the Naruto series.

This is what makes their meeting a little similar to the meeting of Gara and Sasuke during the Chunnin exams in the Naruto series first.

Meanwhile, Boruto episode 225 will feature the next Chunnin exam round, namely the Sarada vs Chocho battle which will air on Sunday this week.

What do you think?, Will this Kawaki vs Shinki fight happen?, Please leave it in the comments column.

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