Boruto: Metal Lee's Frantic Taijutsu Similarity With Lee's Drunken Moves

Boruto: Metal Lee's Frantic Taijutsu Similarity With Lee's Drunken Moves

15 Jan 2022
Ilham Maulana

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One of the interesting characters in Boruto: Naruto Next Generation is Metal Lee. Is the son of Rock Lee but has mental weaknesses and easily panics if noticed by many people.

But in Boruto episode 70, Metal Lee finally found something special about him, namely Taijutsu which he did when he panicked.

There are some similarities between Metal Lee’s Panic Taijutsu and Rock Lee’s Drunken Taijutsu first, let’s get into the discussion.

1. Metal Lee’s panic taijutsu is unpredictable

As I explained above, This Metal Lee special Taijutsu will be active when he is groggy. When he was nervous he wouldn’t be able to think of what Taijutsu moves to do.

And as a result, Metal Lee performed Taijutsu movements spontaneously and only followed his instincts. That’s what made Rock Lee when fighting him during taijutsu demonstrations in the academy, it was very difficult to keep up with Metal Lee’s movements.

At that time Rock Lee was able to fend off his son’s attack several times, but it was not enough to withstand the power of Metal Lee’s kick.

2. Lee Metal has its own uniqueness compared to Rock Lee

Metal Lee was introduced in the series to have a very unique fighting style, not only his father knew it, but Guy’s teacher who became Metal Lee’s mentor at that time also realized it.

On the occasion of the Taijutsu demonstration at the academy, Guy’s teacher chose the opponents of the disciples as examples, and the ones chosen were Iwabe and Metal Lee.

The first opponent is Iwabe, who is very famous for his physical ability in the ninja academy. But it turns out that this is not enough to defeat the green monster from Konoha (Might Guy).

After Iwabe lost, Metal Lee took to the training arena to defeat Guy’s teacher. The funny thing is that Metal Lee looked very nervous, and looked stupid in front of his friends.

But it turns out that his nervousness makes Taijutsu Metal Lee’s movements difficult to predict. This was soon realized by Guy’s teacher, but unfortunately because Taijutsu Metal Lee was difficult to anticipate, Guy had to be hit by a kick and retreated.

Although in the end Metal Lee also lost when he and Iwabe tried to attack at the same time. Guy’s teacher throws Iwabe at Metal Lee and he can’t dodge.

3. Metal Lee’s panic Taijutsu style is similar to Rock Lee’s drunken move

In the previous Naruto series, one of the moves that had been very legendary was the drunken move from Rock Lee.

The concept of the move is that when Rock Lee drinks sake and makes him drunk, the taijutsu attack he took out will be very difficult for the enemy to guess.

And this concept is similar to Metal Lee’s panic Taijutsu. Where when he panicked, the Taijutsu he released was very difficult for the enemy to guess.

With Metal Lee’s panic Taijutsu, it seems that Masashi Kishimoto wants to reminisce about the Naruto series in the current Boruto series.

Maybe at this time we still see some of the power of Metal Lee, Boruto, and other characters. But certainly as the series progresses, we will continue to see the incredible development of the Shinobi in jama now.

That’s an interesting discussion of Metal Lee’s panic Taijutsu in Boruto series, if you have an interesting opinion about this series, you can share it in the comments column. So much and thank you.

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