Watch Boruto episode 225 Anoboy, Spoiler: Sarada vs Choco

Watch Boruto episode 225 Anoboy, Spoiler: Sarada vs Choco

22 Nov 2021
Ilham Maulana

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The anime series Boruto : Naruto Next Generation will again feature the next round of the second Chunnin exam.

Previously, we were presented with the battle between Wasabi Izuno and Yuino Iawabe, now in Boruto episode 225 the battle of Uchiha Sarada vs Akimichi Choco is the main story.

In the following, Fandomnesia will summarize spoilers and also a link to watch Boruto episode 225 sub indo.

1. Choco must win the battle for the sake of team 10

Chocho butterfly mode Boruto episode 225

Previously, Choco was a member of a team of 10 consisting of Inojin and Shikadai, among the three of them only Shikadai had been crowned Chunnin.

However, Shikadai has yet to wear his Chunnin vest, because he has an appointment with Inojin and Choco to wear the vest together.

Inojin had lost the first battle against Houki, now only Choco is the backbone of team 10 to fulfill their promise.

Choco had performed brilliantly by opening his butterfly mode, but unfortunately he couldn’t beat Sarada’s Chidori at that time.

2. Sarada has the responsibility to stop Boruto

Sarada after winning against Choco Boruto episode 225

In contrast to Chocho who made promises with Shikadai and Inojin, Sarada’s responsibilities might be considered heavier.

Because he had the responsibility he said himself in front of Sasuke, to stop Boruto when the child was completely controlled by Momoshiki.

At the beginning of the fight Sarada had made a mistake by worrying about Chocho and did not compete seriously.

But in the end he managed to correct his mistake when he remembered his words to Sasuke at that time, and in the end Sarada was the winner in this match.

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Link to watch boruto episode 225 Anoboy, Samehadaku, Otakudesu, iQiyi

You can watch the anime series Boruto episode 225 legally on the iQiyi streaming platform with Indonesian subtitles.

Although there are some pirated anime streaming sites like Anoboy , Otakudesu , and Samehadaku , we don’t recommend watching them there.

Because of the privacy policy that may be dangerous coupled with the number of obscene advertisements, but this is again the decision of the Anime connoisseurs themselves to choose.

4. Synopsis of Boruto Episode 226

Boruto episode 226 Denki vs Tsubaki

The synopsis for the upcoming episode of Boruto 226 will feature Denki’s fight against Tsubaki.

Their fight is shown a little through the preview at the end of episode 225, Denki is shown fighting against the female samurai with his artificial science ninja tools.

The Boruto anime series episode 226 will air on November 28, 2021, and you can watch it on your favorite streaming platform.

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