Boruto Chapter 66 Spoiler and Link Read: Main Character Death?

18 Jan 2022

The manga series Boruto chapter 66 has now become a hot conversation on social media; even raw spoilers from fans were excited for revealing the death of the main character.

The question now is whether Boruto really died here, or is it just a fad by some fans on social media?.

Previously, a warning, if this article contains spoilers and if you don't agree, you can immediately check the official reading link at the end of the article, let's go into the discussion of spoilers Boruto next chapter 66.

Spoiler Boruto Chapter 66

Spoiler Boruto Chapter 66

According to the current trusted leaks and spoiler site "Organic Dinosaur", chapter 66 of this Boruto manga will be titled "Killed or Killed".

From the title, which is quite scary, it has made what we get on social media look like the truth, but it's not finished here.

Chapter 66 opens by showing Kawaki's arm with active Karma, as well as a flashback of when he was with Amado and talking about getting Karma back into his hands.

Seeing Kawaki's return, Karma, Code and Eida were taken aback. They also held a brief discussion while panting to find answers from Karma Kawaki, who returned.

Moments later, Borushiki, who had just woken up, still managed to mock and inflame Kawaki with his Karma.

Looking displeased with those words, Kawaki immediately shot 6 black irons at Borushiki. But unfortunately Kawaki's attack looks easy for him to dodge.

Kawaki finally changed his fighting style to close combat; he turned his hand into a scythe and attacked Borushiki again.

But this second attack can be avoided again, but the distance from the attack is getting closer.

Then they looked up, and to their surprise, suddenly four large cubes fell towards them.

Meanwhile, Code was still pointing his paw at Shikamaru and started to dig deeper while Naruto and Kawaki were talking.

Naruto asked Kawaki, "How far can you go"Kawaki replied, "I do whatever is best, for your sake" to Naruto.

Next Borushiki attempts a flanking attack while Kawaki is distracted, but he is able to dissipate the chakra being prepared in this technique.

Kawaki tried to cast a fire elemental stance at Borushiki, but it was dodged. Until the next great attack, Kawaki tried to shrink his body and return to normal, accompanied by a crushing attack on Borushiki.

Kawaki's new powers and attacks are definitely very similar to Otsutsuki Isshiki's milin. Somehow Isshiki's "Sukuna Hikona" technique can now be done by Kawaki.

Borushiki then widens the distance and throws some shuriken, but Kawaki makes the shuriken shrink.

Attack after attack was attempted from both sides as the battle heated up, and while both were able to dodge most of their attacks, Naruto looked very anxious watching the fight.

After a while, Borushiki's left eye began to open, which indicated that Boruto was gradually starting to regain consciousness and regain control of his body.

A giant black cube fell again towards the two of them, but Naruto immediately dashed to save Boruto, who was about to come to his senses.

Naruto selamatkan Boruto di Boruto chapter 66

Naruto then proceeds to berate Kawaki, explaining how "This is no joke" and that he needs to "calm down and calm down" before he kills Boruto.

However, Boruto suddenly sat up and pushed Naruto away, and then held his eyes with his hands. He knelt on the ground and stared into the distance as he said they were at the "last resort".

Boruto then clenched his hands and made a jutsu seal as Naruto shouted. Naruto is able to contact his son again, but Boruto blows him up using a wind elemental jutsu.

Kawaki said that Boruto had prepared for this moment, because Boruto started to steady himself by keeping an eye on Kawaki.

It seems that Boruto is signaling to Kawaki that he is ready to be killed at any time; of course this is done so that Momoshiki disappears forever.

Spoiler Boruto Chapter 66

Kawaki then stabbed Boruto right in Boruto's chest "At least one meter of Kawaki's changed arm has come out from the other side" which is now bleeding.

Naruto watched with tragic scene as Kawaki stabbed his arm deeper into Boruto's chest. Until bringing them face to face, pulling back his arm made Boruto fly through the air and fall.

And the manga series Boruto chapter 66, ended here by raising a myriad of questions, did Boruto really die here?.

Kawaki opwning terbaru Boruto

For those of you who are very curious and want to read the Boruto manga series chapter 66 directly, you can read it legally on the site or application Manga Plus for free.

Of course, with an English translation, for the Indonesian translation itself, maybe you can look for it on various manga reading sites, but we don't recommend it.

The Boruto manga series chapter 66 is scheduled to be published on January 20, 2022 or January 21, 2022, depending on the available reading platforms.

That's the complete spoiler of the manga series Boruto Chapter 66, if you have an interesting opinion about this chapter, you can share it in the comments column.

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