Boruto: Jougan Is Toneri's Gift?

Boruto: Jougan Is Toneri's Gift?

13 Jan 2022
Ilham Maulana

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Possessed by Boruto, he got this Jougan when he was a child, precisely when he was in the ninja academy.

There are several speculations or fan theories about this Jougan, ranging from the AJougan being a gift from Toneri, to a power that comes from Naruto and Hinata’s chakra. Let’s get into the discussion.

Jougan is Toneri’s gifted power

In the initial episode of Boruto, Toneri who is the villain of the Naruto: The Last Movie film series appears suddenly. From where he lives on the moon, Toneri is shown to be very worried about the state of Earth and Boruto.

Previously, Toneri was the last member of the Otsutsuki clan who came from the line of Hamura (Kaguya Otsutsuki’s youngest child), after sealing Kaguya with his older brother Otsutsuki Hagoromo (Rikudo Sennin), Hamura went to the moon to guard his mother’s seal.

Toneri as the last descendant of Hamura seems to have a mission to destroy Earth, because he thinks that Earth or the world of Rikudo Sennin is no longer worthy of existence.

It was only in Naruto: The Last Movie that we could see Naruto and Hinata who managed to change Toneri, and although he still lives on the moon alone, now he is a friend of Naruto and others.

Back to the discussion of Jougan, one fan theory says that it was Toneri who gave Jougan. This is because of the moment in the Naruto: The Last film which shows Toneri casting a spell on Hinata, although in the end Naruto was able to cast the spell, but this theory assumes that the spell is a Parasite.

And that is the source of Jougan’s power which is finally passed on to Boruto. This theory may sound a bit far-fetched, but given the fact that Toneri will reappear in the Boruto series, there is a possibility that this will actually happen.

Jougan is formed from the Chakra of Hagoromo and Hamura

Jougan is indeed quite closely related to the Otsutsuki clan, but not necessarily related to Toneri. Like the second theory made by fans by assuming that the Jougan in Boruto’s body comes from a mixture of Naruto and Hinata chakra.

In the previous series, Naruto was referred to by Rikudo Sennin as the reincarnation of Ashura who was his son, which means Naruto has Rikudo Sennin’s or Hagoromo’s strong chakra in his body. What’s more at that time Naruto also had Biju chakra that came from Kurama.

Furthermore, Hinata is the main descendant of the Hyuga clan who is a descendant of Otsutsuki Hamura, and all of this chakra is inherited into Boruto’s body as the first child in an eye jutsu that we know as Jougan.

The fact that Jougan is only in one eye of Boruto also creates a theory that, one of them is in the body of his younger brother, Himawari. Even the fact that Himawari raised her yakugan at a very young age could be the next clue.

Those are some fan theories regarding the origin of Jougan, of course this theory was made just to make the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series more interesting for fans.

If you have other interesting opinions about Jougan and the Boruto: Naruto Next Generation series, you can share them in the comments column, thank you so much.

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