Boruto: Between Code and Minato, whose teleportation is the best?

Boruto: Between Code and Minato, whose teleportation is the best?

01 May 2022
Ilham Maulana

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There are similarities in strength between several characters in the Boruto series and the Naruto series , one of which is Code and Minato.

The two characters have something in common, where they have the ability to teleport through the marks they make.

So between Code and Minato, whose teleportation is the best? Let’s try to discuss it.

1. Minato’s teleportation using Hiraishin Ju Jutsu

The fourth hokage, Namikaze Minato, is a genius and reliable ninja. With his extraordinary speed, it’s no wonder Minato was nicknamed the yellow lightning in the Naruto series first.

One of the factors that made Minato a Shinobi with incredible speed was his teleportation stance, in the series known as the Hiraishin Jutsu or Flying Raijin.

Hiraishin is a teleportation Jutsu where the user can move quickly to the seal they have placed.

Throughout the Naruto series, Minato is the most visible master of this move, even though its creator, the second Hokage (Tobirama Senju) is also a user.

One of Minato’s epic moments in the Naruto series is when he fought Obito while attacking Konoha, Obito is difficult to hurt because of Kamui’s ability which allows his body to penetrate any object.

But Obito can only do it in certain body parts, this is what Minato realized.

Minato fights Obito while attacking Konoha

Next he threw the Kunai Hiraishin through Obito’s head and immediately teleported there when the Kunai had pierced the person’s head.

Minato quickly launched a Rasengan attack on Obito’s back and won the fight.

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2. Code Teleportation using science ninja tool abilities

Code to cover the manga Boruto

As we know, the main enemy in the Boruto series, the Kara organization, is filled with many characters with artificial bodies, these bodies are none other than Amado, who was once a member of them.

Code also became one of Amado’s works, finally he has the ability to teleport through the sign he left and enter it.

Maybe Code’s teleportation is more like Sasuke’s space and time teleportation with his Rinnegan, because Code has to enter a sign made to move.

Teleportation Code in the manga series Boruto

Unlike Minato, who can immediately move to the mark he left, but the advantage of this sign is that Code can paste it without having to hold the object or body of the target enemy.

Like the moment in the manga series Boruto chapter 63 which shows Code easily teleporting behind Kawaki, in an effort to avoid Boruto’s attack at that time.

In addition, Code’s teleportation ability was also very troublesome for Shikamaru when he left his mark at several points in Konoha village.

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3. Whose teleportation is better?

Minato's and Code's teleportation powers are similar in the Boruto series

If we compare it, in terms of speed, of course Minato is the fastest in terms of teleportation. But if we compare them in terms of effectiveness of use, maybe Code is the one who can excel.

Because Code’s cheating here is that he doesn’t use Chakra to move places, because he himself is not a Shinobi and is a Cyborg with the ability of a science ninja tool.

But if you choose who is more skilled, of course Minato is in first place, and maybe this opinion can’t be disputed anymore.

Especially when we remember how Minato moved the entire Shinobi alliance force outside the barrier, in an effort to avoid the Biju Dama from Obito at that time.

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Of course, every fan has their own opinion, so what do you think? If you have an interesting opinion about this, please leave it in the comments column.

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