Aespa Surprises Fans with pre-release song "Illusion"

Aespa Surprises Fans with pre-release song "Illusion"

01 Jun 2022
Ilham Maulana

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One of the phenomenal K-Pop girl groups debuted by SM Entertainment, Aespa seems to want to make fans very happy with their surprise this time.

Not only about the announcement of their comeback in July, but also with the surprise release of a pre-release song.

Previously, Aespa's agency had confirmed that they would comeback in July this year, with the second mini album entitled "Girls".

In addition, SM Entertainment has also revealed that Aespa has signed a contract with Warner Records.

Their collaboration was to release a pre-release English single titled "Life's Too Short", which they first performed on Coachella in April on June 24.

However, it seems that the surprises will not stop there, on the same afternoon Aespa suddenly released a new song entitled "Illusion" from their upcoming mini album.

Check out aespa's new lyric video for their pre-release track “Illusion” below!

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