10 HYBE Labels Artists Who Give Off An Expensive and Classy Aura

10 HYBE Labels Artists Who Give Off An Expensive and Classy Aura

07 May 2022
Ilham Maulana

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HYBE is one of the biggest music labels in South Korea, following YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment. In addition, this music label has also become a home for talented idols such as BTS, SEVENTEEN, and LE SSERAFIM.

The HYBE idols who are famous for their talents also managed to attract a lot of attention because of the expensive and classy aura they emit. Even because they are considered very charming, fans also often say that they have the aura of a strong actor and actress. who are they? Come on, just take a look below!

Having such a strong rich aura, it's no wonder that Jin BTS has become one of the idols dubbed as Human Luxury


As she gets older, Nana's ex-After School's elegant aura shines even more. Even simple looks still look glamorous, do you agree?

Nana eks After School

Having a towering height, SEVENTEEN's Mingyu always fascinates because of his aura that is like a young CEO


Saerom Fromis_9 looks like hit girls who always look elegant and chic. The aura is so expensive!

Saerom Fromis_9

A main visual in ENHYPEN, Sunghoon is often praised for his innocent princely aura

Sunghoon ENHYPEN

TXT's Soobin also exudes an aura like a rich kid. Her posture is like a super model, making her appearance always look expensive

Soobin TXT

The actor profession really fits Minhyun's aura, ex-NU'EST, who is cold and classy

Minhyun NU'EST

It's no secret that Jay ENHYPEN comes from a wealthy family. No wonder the expensive and classy aura radiates so much


Calm demeanor and soft voice, really build a graceful and expensive impression on Kazuha LE SSERAFIM


So charismatic, it feels like whatever V BTS wears will always look charming and classy

V BTS Vogue

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